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Our Chauffeurs

Cordial Limousine chauffeurs; professional and experienced.

Alex C.  ~  One of our two original chauffeurs at Cordial Limousine, Alex is focusing more now on overseeing preventive maintenance of the fleet. Yet, he still manages to put on a tie and get behind the wheel.  He is centrally located in the City of Sammamish, which is at the heart of King County.
Denise C.  ~  Yet to be interviewed for this page….  One of our two original chauffeurs.  However, we have found that we need her skills more for keeping the office running (not as fun, but very necessary).  So, we are asking her to hand more of the driving over to others as scheduling allows. Yet, Denise still drives for special occasions.
Steven H. ~  Steve is another person who has made quite a name for himself of our highly requested weekend chauffeur.  Steven takes pride in getting people to their locations and events with safety and comfort as the priorities.  And then making sure the evening’s cheerful transportation service is a jewel in an overall pleasant experience.
Kent S.  ~  Kent is a part-time chauffeur who spends the balance of his time in business development activities for Cordial Limousine and other companies.  Kent originally trained as a Registered Professional Civil Engineer and transitioned from engineering to the marketing and sales arena with over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development.
Laura K.  ~  Laura is another chauffeur having joined our team in 2010 and has her current Defensive Driving Certification from King County.  Laura is another rising star with many CL guests who are asking for her by name as their personal chauffeur.  She especially enjoys making the experience for families’ fun by having little extras for the kids when she has advance knowledge they will be her passengers (this allows her to put in a kid-friendly video and/or juice with animal crackers or whatever the situation might call for). Not to leave the adults out, she may even have a couple splits of champagne with chocolates on hand (Note that unless specially requested, some drivers might keep the choices more simplified by offering bottled water, or perhaps beer or soda). You can see why Laura’s interest in your personalized choices is why she becomes a party group’s favorite!  When she’s not behind the wheel acting as chauffeur for Cordial, her interests turn to those of sailing, gourmet cooking and charitable work.  Laura was raised locally on Mercer Island and enjoys volunteering at Pike Place Market for their Sunset Dinners benefiting the Senior Center, Food Bank, Medical Center and Child Care.  Saint Jude’s Hospital is another organization that she especially loves to assist.  Member: “The Institute of Professional Drivers and Chauffeurs.”
Tina ~ Tina is one of Tripplets 3 sisters born and raised in Hawaii. Has been a School Bus Driver in the Sammamish/Issaquah School district area for over 14 years. Her expertise in the driving and Transportation industry has been an added bonus over the years for us at Cordial Limousine.
Wally ~ One of Cordial Limousine Chauffeur that is ever dependable and reminds us all of Santa Clause.
Tyson ~ One of Cordial Limousine part time driver. Profile interview yet to be interviewed.
Timothy ~ Tim has retired to Arizona.  This archival post is being left up for awhile out of respect for Tim and guests who still request him.  In 2009, Tim is came on board part-time with Cordial Limousine.  As a native of Washington state, he is comfortable driving most anywhere in any weather.  Even before his experiences with CL (Cordial Limousine), Tim was not new to chauffeuring well known celebrities (singers, musicians, comedians, actors, etcetera) in the USA and other countries.  Tim was also the first of our CL team to go through the newer (2009) Seattle / King County “Driver-For-Hire License” process. He also obtained the “Defensive Driving Course Certificate” from the National Safety Council in 2010.  Tim’s background was primarily that of a commercial artist (35+ years) with overlapping work as an Information Technologist (IT) after personal computers came into use.  He literally worked around the world, living/working in several countries. Even back then, he volunteered often as designated-driver for special or corporate events even on the CXO-level due to his reputation as a confidant and his decades of safe driving.  Timothy has also voluntarily driven privately for people with special needs (blind or otherwise differently-abled), or volunteering for organizations such as the Easter Seal School & Treatment Center serving developmentally disabled children and their parents. Tim feels that like a jig-saw puzzle we all fit in somewhere during our visits here and finds the diversity of friendships has enriched his own life greatly. Member: “The Institute of Professional Drivers and Chauffeurs.”
If you are interested in driving for us … for our clientèle, please see our page on CL Job Opportunities.